My Pregnancy Journey (So Far) Part 1: “The Beginning”


Well, if you are just seeing the news,  I’M PREGNANT!!!!  I’ve known since I first started feeling off the 4th of July, and have been hiding my “little secret” for 2 months now, waiting for the perfect time to share it with everyone.

My journey to get to where I am was not easy for me, physically, or emotionally.  I’ve had so much I’ve wanted to share, and so much I’ve “secreted away” but now that I am easing into my 2nd trimester, I feel it’s time to start sharing my story, in the hopes that some way, someone else who may be going thru something similar, can relate and understand.  If you have battled unexplained infertility, experienced loss, and the heart break and frustrations of being unable to conceive, I am writing this story FOR YOU to help inspire you to keep FIGHTING.

I am going to start from the VERY beginning, before I got pregnant, when I was struggling so hard to understand God’s plan, and we’ll go from there.  I will be adding to, and updating this blog every few days so you can follow my journey and story from start to finish.  No holes barred, no censoring.

So here we go…..

You can read more about me in the “About Me” tab at the top of my blog.  But I am a 35 year old, soon to be 36 year old, married, fur-mom, veterinarian, and health and motivational coach.  I’ve been married for 13 years now.  When I got married in 2003, babies were exciting to think about, but not exactly one of those things we were ready for.  After all, we were JUST starting out, and I had JUST applied to veterinary school, which was going to be another 4 year commitment.  So on to vet school I went, which I graduated, and we relocated so I could take my first job as a small animal practitioner.   One thing led do another, including another move,  a couple more jobs and before I knew it, here I was with menopause knocking on my front door.  HOLY CRAP-OLY!!!

I had no idea when to expect menopause, my Mother had a hysterectomy before she went thru the “transition” and my Grandmother, who is battling dementia, was not exactly the ideal candidate to ask, although I was told she had children almost clear into her mid 40’s.  I had time right?

So around January 2015, I decided I had been on hormonal birth control long enough and decided to stop, come what may…..I mean, I’d spent the last 20 years of my life trying to prevent pregnancy, so surely something as simple as stopping would lead to me falling pregnant right away right?  Well, logically yes….but as many of you probably have figured out, it does not always happen that way.

And so began the start of a very LOOOOOOOOONG journey, months of struggling, unexplained infertility, doctor after doctor after doctor, every test under the sun, until finally SURPRISE, “You’re Pregnant”.  But more on that soon.  For now, this Momma needs a nap.  Be sure to stop back by for the next chapter.

Coming Soon:  Part 2 “Why Is It Not Happening” and “What Am I Doing Wrong”




Stay Tuned For My New Pregnancy Blog!


Check out my newest workout DVD collection. 😉  SURPRISE!!!!

So, I’ve known for a few months now, but I wanted to wait until the time was right to share our exciting news with you. All the weeks of feeling exhausted, missing the occasional workout (or two or three sometimes), feeling light headed and woozy and just downright miserable since July….It’s all meant something.

I won’t be JUST A Fur-Mom much longer. Chewbacca, Captain Jack Sparrow, Fortune, Maggie and Meow Mix are going to be big brothers and sisters!!!   And while it took me a long time to understand God’s timing, lots of prayers, tears, and frustrations, HIS TIMING WAS AS IT SHOULD BE and soon it will finally be my turn.

I will be sharing more on my “pregnancy journey” so far, and the weeks to come on my “LIKE” page as well as my blog. Stay tuned.


Jessica Smith’s New Walk On, Walk Strong DVD Series Is Better Than The Rest!!


(in depth review of the program routine-by-routine below)

I absolutely LOVE this series! I’ve been a devoted Jessica Smith exerciser since I received a free 10-Minute Solutions DVD in a cereal box featuring a few of her 10 minute routines in 2010. Jessica Smith, single-handedly, is responsible for me having developed a healthy, active lifestyle, as well as an appreciation and desire for exercise. Since that first 10-minute DVD, I went on to try longer, and more challenging routines by Ms. Smith, and to date, have collected, and regularly incorporate her workout DVDs into my daily routines. Since I first began my journey, I have lost over 35 pounds, and countless inches, not to mention have sweated away symptoms of severe depression, fibromyalgia, and endometriosis. While I tend to rotate back and forth between Jessica’s programs and other high impact routines such as T25, 21 Day Fix Extreme and other similar programs, I do find myself always coming back full-circle to Jessica’s DVDs as they are the best routines for MY body. They are effective, fun and challenging, and I receive the same, if not better results from these programs, vs the more “balls to the wall” styles of workout programs that are popular as of late.

I found this program to be the “complete package”, PLENTY of cardio routines, from light to more advanced, as well as focused upper and lower body strength training routines, a routine for coordination, agility and mental development. The hidden gems have to be the stretching and preventative routines. No muscle or body part is left untouched with this system. This is BY FAR, my favorite of her “series” that encompass a specific program thus far. If I had to pick just ONE of Jessica’s programs, that had bits and pieces of all her previous programs that I loved the most, this one would be it! It has it all!!!

>>>>DO NOTE: This series contains various styles of movement, and strength training, and is not solely a strict “walking ONLY program”, if you’re looking for a walking style program, check out some of Jessica’s earlier walking DVD’s such as the Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles, OR Jessica’s Walk On: Walk Off The Weight 30 Day Plan.

More on the specific routines further down.

****For reference, I am roughly a 145 pound, 35 year old female, intermediate to advanced exerciser. I wore a Polar FT4 Heart Rate monitor during the strength and cardiovascular routines on this set, and depending routine, and effort, burned between 250 to 400 calories per 30 minute routine (Dynamic Stretch and Prehab Routine excluded). I used 8-10 lb. hand weights for my heavy weighs, and 5 lbs. for my lighter set, with 3 lb. dumbbells for the Barefoot Fusion Sculpt routine****

Program Review:

1. Packaging: This new set comes complete in a double, hard-shell case, which is an improvement over her last “Walk On” boxed set that included 3 DVDs in individual hard-shell cases, enclosed in a thin cardboard sleeve. Not only is this space saving, but time saving as well. The “file folder” style inner packaging contains 1 DVD on the inside of the front cover, two in the middle on its own holder, and another on the back inside cover of the case. The 6-Week Countdown (schedule) as well as Jessica’s “Welcome and Fit Tips” are also included inside.


2. Schedule/Fit Tips: A large, poster style calendar is provided with a full 6-week schedule and boxes to check off your workouts as you go. Week by week fit tips are also provided on the schedule, as well as 10 of Jessica’s favorite tips to help you succeed with the program. She suggests hanging these someplace you will see them each day, as a way to help you stay motivated and on track.

3. Required Equipment/Modifications: Jessica suggests a set of light and heavier weights. Depending on your fitness level, if you’re just starting out, you can do the routines without weights, then start light, going upwards from there. Jessica’s Mom “Debbie” uses light hand weights (appear to be 1-2 lbs.) in some routines, and in others, no weights at all. She also showcases the beginner modifications where needed. Jessica, uses heavy and medium weights (10 and 5 lbs. respectively) and demonstrates the intermediate options, while Beth uses lighter and medium weights (3-8 lbs) yet demonstrates more advanced options with higher impact. You will need a sturdy, high backed chair for some of the routines, a yoga mat or soft surface to work on, supportive footwear, and a hand towel, or yoga strap for some of the stretching work. I used a flat resistance band in place of a hand-towel.

4. Routines: There are 10 complete routines, each 30 minutes (a few run just a minute or two over, but nothing major). In order:

a. Welcome To the Program: A 8 minute introduction to the series, where Jessica talks about how the program works, and what to expect.


b. Cardio Party! (No Equipment Required): A fun fitness “journey” thru several dance styles including Latin and Disco. I am not sure how Jessica manages to come up with new moves, but there are some brand new moves, synched with the music style and beat. I could definitely feel my entire body getting worked from head to toe, while getting an amazing workout and working my CORE! It was great to see members of the Jessica Smith Community join Jessica for this fun workout. I loved all the colors!!! Everyone wore a bold colored top, and a smile. It was hard to not feel HAPPY during and after the workout. 5/5 stars

c. Interval Mix (High Back Chair Required): My FAVORITE routine of the series! Those who tried Jessica’s previous “Walk On” series release, will find this very similar to the “Pyramid Power Walk” except it’s a bit longer. You cycle through 4 phases of moderate to higher intensity exercises (modifications provided for higher and lower intensity) and a fast-paced heart rate spiking interval at the end of each interval. I sweated buckets, and felt like a million bucks when I was done! 5/5 stars.

d. 360 Abs (one, light hand weight required, no more than 5 lbs): This routine started off very reminiscent of Cardio Abs, with a lot of standing kickboxing style moves including punches and knee raises. The routine then transitioned to standing core work using a light hand weight (Jessica recommends no more than 5 lbs) and is finished by a short floor routine section. I am NOT a fan of crunches on the floor but surprisingly found the floor work was fun. I loved the “dead bug” move, not only did it challenge my core, but also my coordination. This routine was also a sneaky cardiovascular, and upper body strength routine. 5/5 Stars

e. Brain Fitness Fun (no equipment required, just your “Thinking Cap”): This is a moderately paced, light cardio conditioning routine that uses upper and lower body movements, oftentimes in opposition, to force you to think quick, remember, or balance helping to improve coordination, memory, agility and response time. This routine is probably the slowest routine of the set, in terms of cardiovascular effort, but still keeps the heart rate in the “fat burning” zone allowing you to burn calories, while you build neurons. There is no equipment required for this routine, and it is all done standing. It was a fun challenge to try and get my hands in the right place while my feet where moving. It’s going to take me several attempts at this workout to “get it right” but that’s the fun of it. I am only giving this routine 4.5/5 stars, because I prefer the higher intensity routines, and will likely use this one for an “active recovery” day or if I need to get some extra steps in. 🙂

f. Barefoot Fusion Sculpt (a yoga mat or soft surface, and a set of light hand weights are required): Don’t let the “barefoot” name convince you this is an easy routine! It was a challenge, and it was amazing!!! All you need is a set of light hand weights (I stuck with three and felt the burn) and as much space as the size of a yoga mat. I loved the barre and tai chi emphasis (at the beginning and end of the routine respectively). This routine could easily be done without hand weights, and yet remain an effective and challenging routine. All major muscle groups were worked, including the upper body (shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, core, and lower body). The multi-functional moves incorporated upper and lower body movements at the same time for increased caloric expenditure. Core, balance and coordination was worked throughout with various standing poses that were challenging, yet do-able. A modifier is provided for those with balance issues, or those needing to build up to a more challenging option. There were lots of BRAND NEW moves in this routine. Fans of Jessica’s earlier “Barre Fitness” and “Total Body Balance” DVDs will love and appreciate this routine. 5/5 stars.

g. Total Body Training (a set of light, and heavy hand weights suggested) : This is a multi-muscle strength training routine the incorporates balance (working one side of the body at a time) to really engage the core, while strengthening all the major (and minor muscles of the body). The exercises are done in super-sets, oftentimes one side of the body does two different moves, and then you repeat on the other side. There is only break enough to switch from lighter to heavier weights between sets, so it keeps the cardio effect up. The moves are standard, but with a twist (think side lunge with hammer curl, chest presses crossing the weights above your midline or curtsy lunges with a tricep kickback to name a few). After you’ve thoroughly worked the arms and legs, Jessica finishes off with a double set of abdominal exercises on the floor, and some light work for the back muscles. I felt I worked more muscle groups in a shorter amount of time than I have with some of regular “go to” strength training routines. I was very pleased with my self at the end of this routine, and see this being a regular part of my strength training routine from this point on. The moves give you room to “build” allowing you to increase in intensity but increasing the amount of weight you are holding, or incorporating a more advanced option, demonstrated by Beth. 5/5 stars

h. Upper Body Strength (a set of light, and heavy hand weights recommended): This routine incorporated a set of light and heavy weights (Jessica used 10 lbs for her heavy weights). The routine started with a typical upper body workout, followed by heavy weights for the bigger muscles in the shoulders and upper back, and lighter weights for the triceps, biceps and the front of the shoulders before moving to the floor for some chest work with heavy weights, and some core work that challenged the upper and lower abs as well as the obliques. I alternated between 8-10 lbs. for my heavy weights, and 3-5 lbs for my lighter set. The routines are done in “super set” fashion, focusing on burning out the muscles with a moderate number of reps with higher weights. I loved the incorporation of standing knee raises, and calf raises to incorporate the core musculature, and focus on balance, engaging the entire upper body at once, rather than just focusing on a single muscle group at a time. 5/5 stars.

i. Lower Body Sculpt (a sturdy, high-backed chair, and a set of light and heavy weights are recommended): Another gem-of-a-workout! I LOVE the target toning routines in this series! This routine incorporates a set of light and heavy hand weights (I used 10’s and 5’s, but you can certainly go lighter or skip them based on your fitness level). A sturdy, high back chair is also used for some of the moves. The routine starts with a light warm-up, followed by a series if squats with the chair as a “reference point” for depth, some standing lunge work, leg raises, and floor work for the buns. Because your working some of the larger muscles in the body, you get a great cardiovascular workout, without doing any actual “cardio” work. This is one I am sure to feel tomorrow!! It would be a great routine coupled with the Upper Body routine, if you want a longer, more “full body” workout. 5/5 stars.

j. Dynamic Stretch (a yoga mat and a hand towel or yoga strap is recommended, I used a flat resistance band): This routine is a bit like yoga a bit like pilates and a lot LIKE JESSICA! It is a delicious series of stretches, both standing, and on the floor that feels positively delightful. You don’t need a ton of flexibility to do this routine, and you don’t need a lot of balance. It feels amazing after a rough week! Don’t skip this one!!!! If you’re having a stressful day, this is the routine you need to get your “groove” back. Fans of Jessica’s “Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond” will appreciate this routine fully. 5/5 Stars.

k. Prehab Routine: (a yoga mat and a hand towel are recommended for this routine as well as a sturdy, high back chair and yoga mat if you’re working out on a hard surface): This routine is designed to build strength, and flexibility in the smaller muscle groups of your body, and inside the joints. It’s soothing, and relaxing, and feels so good!!! It’s similar in nature to the Dynamic Stretch routine, but focuses more in the tiny muscles in and around the major joints of the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles. It’s great for helping with added mobility, and to sooth aches and pains from sitting or standing all day. 5/5 stars.

Tastes-Sinful-But It’s Healthy-Birthday Cake Protein Shake (21 Day Fix)


If there is one thing I love, it’s Birthday Cake Flavored Everything!!! But the real deal, Birthday Cake Oreos, and all those other sweets wreck havoc on my waistline, and are a HUGE no-no with the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan. So I came up with this recipe as a suitable alternative, that tastes just as good, is more satisfying, and I can enjoy guilt free.

**Note: This recipe is not 100% clean, but it’s a better choice vs some of the alternatives and won’t make or break you if enjoyed in moderation**

Birthday Cake Protein Shake
Serves 1

8-10 oz. almond/soy/lowfat milk
1 scoop vanilla Shakeology or other Vanilla protein powder
½ tsp. butter extract
1 tablespoon sugar-free Jello brand Cheesecake Flavor instant pudding mix OR 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
5-10 ice cubes
Optional: Sprinkles for topping!

21 Day Fix Container Equivalents; 1 Red, 1 Yellow (as treat swap), 1 Tsp.

Put everything into a blender and blend, adding as much water and ice until your desired, creamy consistency is reached. Top with sprinkles if desired, and enjoy!



It didn’t happen overnight, but I have some definition in my abdominal muscles that is finally starting to show!!! I was doing a happy dance when I looked in the mirror this morning.

What’s my secret? Diet. I think I’ve finally figured out the science. I’ve had the working out part down for quite some time, but until I really started cleaning up my diet, and sticking with it I was not seeing the definition in my abs like I’d like. I’ve really been having a blast with my new 21 Day Fix: Fixate Cookbook, which gives me a lot of variety for my meals, and is something my hubby does not complain about either.

So this is approximately 4 weeks of eating clean and healthy 80-85% of the time with an occasional “indulgent” meal and exercising (cardio and strength) 6 days a week for a minimum of a half hour.

My workout of choice this month has been Shaun T’s new CIZE program. Want more details on Cize? It’s All Here

If I can do this, so can you!!! We’re in this together! You got this. 🙂

I Absolutely LOVE this New Workout Series by Jessica Smith!!!!


What a great series! Jessica and Co. shine brighter than ever in Jessica’s lastest “Walk On” DVD workouts. As with her previous releases, Jessica’s upbeat attitude carries the workouts to a higher standard than some other fitness popular DVD fitness instructors. A lot can be said from a positive attitude, and smile! How could you NOT want to get up and move too! As with Jessica’s prior “walking” releases, these workouts are designed for everyone, from beginner to intermediate, and all ages, shapes and sizes. Jessica’s beautiful Mom, Debbie is on beginner modifications, while Jessica demonstrates the intermediate level, and Beth, a more advanced option. VERY CAREFUL attention to form is discussed and demonstrated. These DVDs come in a boxed set complete with a 30-Day Calendar that allows you to use each workout in a set schedule for maximum results.


The workouts are also great to be used as standalone workouts, or in conjunction with other workout routines you may also be doing. The workouts range from 15-40 minutes in length to work into any schedule. Each routine is designed to be a routine which one can “grow with” allowing you to start out at an easier, lower impact level, and gradually build up to a more advanced level as you progress with the series, and gain strength and cardiovascular stamina and muscular endurance. These routines would be great for who want to gain endurance walking longer distances, or begin to jog or run. I have reviewed each routine individually below with my caloric burn and equipment used to give you a better idea of what to expect for each routine as well as provided a comprehensive list of PROS and CONS overall for the set at the bottom of the review.

**Please Note** I am a 34 year old, intermediate to advanced exerciser, 5’7 height and weigh 145 pounds. Your exact caloric expenditure is based on your fitness level, age, and weight, so numbers provided are for estimation purposes only.

Jessica, Debbie and Beth wear shoes for all routines with the exception of the 20 Minute Chair Stretch. I prefer to workout barefoot where possible, and have designated which workouts I choose to do so. You may feel better working out with shoes depending on your flooring/comfort.

Disc 1: Major Metabolism Booster wo5

a. Pyramid Power Walk: (30 minutes, 210 calories burned, I did this routine barefoot) This walking routine starts off at a slower gentle pace, and gradually builds in intensity, with the maximum intensity point at the 15 minute mark, and then gradually returns downwards (hence the pyramid) to the cooldown. This workout features many of Jessica’s signature moves, but also some new, fun movements. Exercises are done in “intervals” but are not repeated (with the exception of some of the warmup/cooldown movements). As the routine picks up in pace, so does the music. The workout includes optional light jogging, and some higher intensity movements (Debbie and Jessica feature lower intensity movements). This routine is great for getting your heart rate up and getting you sweating. It is also a great routine for people who may want to start light jogging, or higher intensity workouts without killing the joints. My only complaint about this routine is that the “peak” of the workout was very short, and ended at the 15 minute mark, just when I was ready for more, and the cooldown was longer than I’d usually like (roughly 5 minutes). 4/5 stars.


b. Strength Interval Walk: (30 minutes, 205 calories burned, I did this workout barefoot) This routine is an exciting combination of walking and strength training rolled into one efficient routine. Present are several of Jessica’s Signature moves (hamstring curls etc.) but there are also several new moves. The routine can be done with 1-10 lb. hand weights depending on fitness level, or no weights at all if you are just starting out. I used 5 lb. weights throughout the routine. An equal variety of upper and lower body exercises, this routine combines multiple muscle groups (think shoulder presses while walking, tricep kickbacks while holding a rear lunge). Some strength exercises are worked while standing in place, while others combine the “walking” component. Upper and lower body are worked evenly, and the workout is finished with a standing ab series with fun new moves to work the core all around. 5/5 stars

c. 20-Minute Chair Stretch (Bonus Workout): (no calorie count, workout performed barefoot). An AMAZING stretching routine all done with the assistance of a chair, and a yoga block (if you don’t have a yoga block, a thick book, phone book, firm pillow, or stack of towels can be substituted). This routine reminded me a lot of Jessica’s earlier “Yoga Stretch” DVD release but was done seated on a chair. A few standing exercises using the chair for balance we’re also incorporated. The yoga block allowed to greater range of motion, especially in those tight areas. The music was soothing. What a great stretch to incorporate after a hard workout, at the end of the day, or for an active recovery day! I will definitely use this one regularly to release tension in my hips and back! 5/5 stars.

Disc 2: 3 Weight Loss Walks wo3

a. 15 Minute Calorie Burst (125 calories, I did this workout barefoot): This quick, energetic walk is similar to Jessica’s earlier 15 minute routines, but I felt it was a bit faster paced than many in the past. It had to live up to the name of course. Several of Jessica’s signature moves (side steps, V-steps, heel digs, kicks) are present, but some newer moves including grapevines with high knee repeaters, jack feet with imaginary jump rope, side-to-side skaters with punches added some new variety and made this routine interesting. This is a great stand-alone routine if you’re short on time, or if you’d like to add some extra cardio work to a strength routine. 5/5 stars.


b. 30-Minute Fat Blaster (225 calories, I used shoes during this workout): This walk alternated longer periods of moderate intensity moves, interspersed with higher intensity moves. I feel this routine did an excellent job incorporating both upper, and lower body movements, and some “sneaky” standing core work. If you’re familiar with Jessica’s other walking routines, this one was comprised of a lot of her signature moves, but had a lot of variety. 5/5 stars.

c. 40-Minute Mega Burn: (320 calories burned, I used shoes during this workout): This routine was BY FAR MY FAVORITE!! This routine really got me sweating. After the warm up, the pace took off with a bang, and kept going until the cooldown at the end, without intervals. The purpose of this walk was to build up endurance using “steady state” cardio and did it EVER deliver! This is a workout I’ll be coming back to regularly! 5/5 OUTSTANDING stars!

d. 15-Minute Standing Abs (Bonus Workout): (workout done barefoot, calories not counted) This 15 minute standing routine is great if you don’t like laying on the floor, or have a sensitive neck and don’t like floor exercises/crunches. All the exercises are done standing, and work the core muscles (upper, lower abdominals, obliques and back) and are great for the posture. Figure 8’s, knee raises, side leg raises/stretches, cross-arm deadlifts with twists and chair pose/squats with twists are some of the exercises featured. By engaging the core during this workout, I could really feel my entire core engaging. I love this workout as an alternative to laying on the floor and pulling on my neck to do basic crunches. 5/5 stars.

Disc 3: 5 Day Fat Burn wo4

a. HIIT Walk (30 minutes, 260 calories burned, I did this workout barefoot): Quite possibly my most favorite routine on the set so far. This routine was “interval based” with a warm up, followed by 3-4 minutes of moderate intensity moves and subsequent 2 minutes of higher intensity (HIIT) movements followed by a 3-4 minute recovery set of moderate intensity movements repeated four times and followed by a cooldown. Beginner, intermediate and advanced options were presented. I was able to complete the higher intensity moves throughout the workout, and felt like I got a very good workout. Plenty of lower body movements using larger muscle groups to get the heart rate up, without a lot of impact. This is one I can see myself using in a rotation regularly. 5/5 stars.


b. Toning Walk (30 minutes, 195 calories burned, I did this workout barefoot): This routine uses a flat resistance band to tone while you walk. It’s not a huge calorie burner, but it does work you from head to toe. The resistance band does not come with the kit, but you can pick up one up for a few dollars at Walmart/Target etc. This was a great little routine, because I felt like it got a lot done, in a short amount of time. It included segments of light cardio, with periods of strength work using the band. What I liked about this routine was that it’s GREAT for traveling. You can easily increase the resistance by choking up on the band more, which makes this routine very versatile for all fitness levels. Using resistance bands also works muscles differently than regular dumbbells. I really loved this routine! 5/5 stars.

c. The Healthy Back Workout (Bonus Working, 18 minutes, calories not counted, I did this workout barefoot): This workout is a hidden GEM. Don’t SKIP IT! I feel it should be renamed to the Strong Back, Booty and Core workout, because it works them all! You need a yoga mat, or soft surface, and a resistance band for this routine. What a great routine for improving posture, and strengthening the core. There was also a bit of shoulder work with this routine as well. This workout includes some fun new moves, including the “Dead Bug” (look it up if you’re not familiar with it) which was a GREAT core strengthener and included moves like hip bridges, Supermans, and bird dogs (with and without pulses). This short routine got a LOT done in a very short amount of time. I felt like I was standing taller, and my core was tighter after I finished this routine. My SECOND most favorite routine of the series. 5/5 stars.

Pro/Con Summary;

Pros: Fun, bright colored outfits. Positive Attitude. EXCELLENT Instruction on proper form. Beginner (Debbie),Intermediate (Jessica) and Advanced (Beth) options. Upbeat music. Loads of variety (workouts) Multiple muscle groups worked at once during cardio work as well as strength.

Cons: Bright white set in all workouts (same set as some of the other previous workout DVDs). Some recycled music from previous workouts. Repetition of a lot of the same moves from workout to workout (not a problem for me, but may be for some). Only 2 dedicated strength routines (excluding standing abdominal routine).

**Additional Note: I was given an advanced copy of this workout set to preview and review by In Wellness Systems. I was not compensated nor will be compensated in any way for providing the above review. The comments, reviews and statements above are based on my own opinion and love of these routines**



I wanted to share this thought I had, that came to mind as I was weeding out several MONTHS of weeds from my flower bed this afternoon. As I was pulling weeds, I got to thinking, WHY have I let my life (and my garden) come to this point?

The last several weeks have been very trying for me. I’ve become my own, self-induced victim of “burning the candle at both ends” and finally reached a breaking point. I decided it’s time that something changes before I break.

I’m learning the hard way, that you cannot be everything to everyone and that you absolutely MUST take care of YOU first!

I’ve always been a nurturer, it’s in my nature. I’ve also always been someone who cares a great deal about what others think about me, and not wanting to upset anyone. In recent days, I’ve found out the hard way, living up to these self expectations can be devastating emotionally.

So as I was pulling the weeds from my garden I began to imagine that I was also pulling that negativity and self doubt from my mind as well. It was a freeing experience. And as I stood there, and looked at the results of my hard work, I realized this;

I am my OWN version of perfection (no matter how messy or disorganized I am), I am worthy and deserving of greater things, I am important, I am loved, and I deserve happiness. I don’t know what it was in that soil, but I could feel the stress and tension of the last few weeks melting away.

So here’s my point….let go of the small stuff, the pity, the self doubt, the worry and concern of what others think of you, or how they may treat you, and enjoy the finer things in life, even it it’s just a few weedy flowers in the garden. That’s where the HAPPY IS